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Shake Shack New York, 3 things to know before eating your good burgers

shake shack new york burger

I don’t know exactly how many times I’ve been to New York, more than forty times. And you know what ? There is an address that still attracts me as much for its delicious burgers, although it is a (luxury) fast food: Shake Shack. I was also able to eat there at the Dubai Marina Mall, at Convent Garden in London, in Los Angeles and Miami in the USA, but also in Japan in Tokyo: I have never been disappointed!

Do you know ? This chain must be on your list in New York as I highlight in my take me to new york book. A lot of New Yorkers appreciate Shake Shack, it’s not just an address for tourists in need of burgers in New York. It has also appeared several times in the TimeOut rankings ” the best burger in New York“.

Whether you’ve been to Shake Shack before (not to be confused with Shake Snack), or it’s your first time, take note of these 3 things.

Shake Shack, the story began in New York

Today, you will find several Shake Shacks around the world (not yet in France), especially in London and Dubai, but it is Madison Square Park in New York in 2001 how the Shake Shack story began with a hot dog cart I Love Taxi to support Madison Square Park Conservancy’s first art installation.

Then, in 2004, Shake Shack officially opened its doors in New York, which would be extremely beneficial for the park’s popularity and thus its economy.

The complete and fabulous story is in the official Shake Shack bookwritten by their culinary director Mark Rosati.

Today, the most authentic Shake Shack Madison Square Park is very coveted (from the third tree onwards consider there is a long line), but the service is very fast and there are many tables to sit.

Shake Shack is a real concept, with large panels that display menus and prices, the device that vibrates when the order is ready (everything is prepared to the rhythm of our orders), the logo, ….

shake-shack-burger-new-york-860x1075 Shake Shack New York, 3 things to know before eating your good burgers

Are Shake Shack’s burgers really good?

After having experienced several burgers in New York, I confirm that the Shake Shack fast-food chain is not to be put aside. She filled the former American President Obama, millions of New Yorkers and then tourists from all over the world. Shake Shack goes beyond the idea of ​​” fast food can’t be great food”.

I like Shake Shack burgers for the bun which I find soft and tasty just like the meat, even though I hardly eat any meat now (100% angus beef, hormone and antibiotic free).

The basic, the shackBurger (single or double for gourmets) with meat, lettuce, tomato, shakSauce. I also validate the veggie burger. Really good !

shake-shack-new-york Shake Shack New York, 3 things to know before eating your good burgers

In terms of desserts, depending on the season, new proposals are made but it’s good in general. Taste the milkshakes.

As for drinksI like them lemonade, although it is rather very sweet ! But once in a while, it doesn’t hurt.

Count about fifteen dollars for the ShackBurger, the cheese fries and a lemonade.

menu-shake-shack Shake Shack New York, 3 things to know before eating your good burgers

Where are the Shake Shacks in NY?

Since my first experience in November 2007 in a Shake Shack in New York, several points of sale have been established and in all the boros of the city: about forty Shake Shack restaurants in New York State, almost thirty in the New York City. Which Shake Shacks do I recommend?

Shake Shack Madison Square Park, bucolic

For its warm setting a few meters from the Flatiron District. I really like the little light garlands at nightfall. You can take out and sit on one of the park benches, while gazing at the squirrels that are plentiful in the area.

Shake Shack Flatbush Avenue Brooklyn, artsy

Located on Flatbush Avenue across from Barclays Center (home of the Brooklyn Nets), the vibe is very local. It’s spacious and convenient before seeing a game at Barclays. The added value: the street art works of the artist SP.ONE, painted by hand on the walls of the restaurant.

Shake Shack Downtown Brooklyn on a shopping aisle

This Shake Shack’s location in Downtown Brooklyn is convenient on Fulton Street. I recommend stopping here for lunch after shopping on this Brooklyn shopping street.

Read more: Fulton Street Mall for shopping in Brooklyn

Upper West Side Shake Shack near Central Park

The one on Columbus Avenue is very small but since it’s the first Shake Shack I tested in 2007, I like to go there from time to time. Next door, the AMNH (American Museum of Natural History, one of my favorites in New York) but also Central Park.

Find out more: the American Museum of Natural History, a treat for young and old in New York.

Shake Shack Dumbo Brooklyn, like in a Woody Allen movie

In the historic district of DUMBO, at the corner of Water Street, this large Shake Shack has been set up facing a breathtaking view of the Brooklyn Bridge.

You got it Shake Shack is a must in New York, it’s a safe bet for eating a good burger in New York. For those who like the channel, I really invite you to buy the book which covers a lot of interesting topics on the atypical course of the chain, its vision, its strategy but also shares some recipes and exclusive information such as the exact anatomy of a shack burger.

You will find more references for eating a burger in New York in my take me to new york book.

See you soon !

xx – Viviane



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