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Our advice and tips for visits

The national park of Bryce Canyon is regularly elected the most beautiful park in the United States and we quickly understand why when we reach it. In addition, with the deer making eyes at us as soon as we arrive at the roadside, the atmosphere is just magical. We take you with us visit Bryce Canyon and its famous fairy chimneys. We also give you plenty of practical advice in this new article of our travel blog OneDayOneTravel to help you organize your future stay in Bryce Canyon.

This step is part of a 5 week western american road trip between Denver, Colorado and Los Angeles in California. Bryce canyon logically arrives after our stage at Page and Lake Powell and before going through Zion park and Valley of Fire to reach Las Vegas.

A road trip we made by renting a car fromSixt agency from Denver.

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Visit Bryce Canyon: Our tips and good plans for visits

  1. How to get to Bryce Canyon from Page and Lake Powell?
  2. What to do in Bryce Canyon?
  3. Where to sleep in Bryce Canyon?
  4. Where to eat in Bryce Canyon?

1. How do I get to Bryce Canyon from Page via a scenic trail?

It is 14 km from Page on Route 89 North, between terminals 17 and 18, that we should have taken a right on the Cottonwood Canyon Road and leave on 40 km of track. A track that should not be taken in case of rain and which is closed anyway due to work at the moment. It will be completely paved in a few months.

So we finally walked 100 km on 89 North. It was after terminal 54 that we took the Johnson Canyon road track to the right. The decor is ocher. Only a few farms and their cows punctuate this desert landscape. 5 miles later, after Eagle Arch Viewpoint, we pass close to a abandoned village which has served as a filming location for many films. The mountains around us are turning more and more yellow.

We come to a fork. We take to the track Skutumpah road which goes to the right. The track is in perfect condition even if not recommended in case of rain. We meet in full wilderness. The vegetation then becomes denser and the temperatures drop as the miles go by. We meet cows with big horns, maybe buffaloes?

The track changes name and becomes Dry Valley County Road. There is a good series of turns, climbs and good descents, especially in the last third of the track. We then join the bitumen of Kodacrome way. The mountains of multiple colors face us.

We arrive in a village in the name of Cannonville. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a living soul. Then we turn left on the 12 West. We cross the tropic village founded in 1892 which houses theRed Ledges Hotel which seems to be the best compromise of the place unless you prefer to stay in one of the bungalows that we see on both sides of the road. In any case, prices will be more affordable here than on the outskirts of Bryce Canyon where we are going to sleep but you will have a long way if you choose to sleep at Tropic.

From Topic, we stop for a few minutes at the site of Mossy Cave for a short 0.4 mile hike but the cascade we wanted to see doesn’t have enough water. About the cave, we lack time to extend the walk because we want to check-in at the hotel before sunset. It is said to be fabulous in Bryce Canyon! In any case, the landscapes are harbingers of what we will see in Bryce Canyon National Park with even arches. They have definitely been pursuing these arches since the beginning of this road trip in the american west. We remember our beautiful daysexplore Moab Utah.

We get back in our car and a few turns further we reach a tray. We turn left at the intersection on 63 South which is the road that provides access to Bryce Canyon National Park and our hotel (read description below).

2. What to do in Bryce Canyon? Hikes

We take you with us on video to Bryce canyon.

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Provide $35 entry for a vehicle unless you have the card like us American the Beautiful at $80 which allows you access for 1 year to all the national parks of the USA. You buy it in the first park you visit. You then just have to present it at the entrance to the park, always accompanying it with the cardholder’s passport.

Once in the park, we drive slowly because in addition we cross many deer and we follow the signs. No risk of getting lost. Everything is very well marked.

Here are some beautiful moments lived between viewpoints and hikes in Bryce Canyon and that we advise you to live in turn if you are of course planning to go on a road trip in the American West.

2.1. Sunset Point

In just 5 minutes by car from the hotel, you reach the sunset point. What a view!

Despite the polar cold who is settling in the region at the beginning of November (we are at an altitude of about 2500 m), we are experiencing a gorgeous sunset that night. However, we had been spoiled in terms of temperatures until then, apart from a winter day in Estes Park 10 days ago in the Rockies.

We ended up with a good zero degree that evening, a cold accentuated by the wind. Impossible to last very long without gloves or a hat. And tomorrow morning, we expect -10 degrees! It will sting for the sunrise ^^

2.2. sunrise point

The next morning, the cold is definitely there and accentuated by a wind so icy that it is difficult to stay outside for very long. But what a sight! We do not regret our morning awakening.

It has become difficult to film or take photos without feeling like turning into an ice cube. And yet we were warmly dressed. We check and the car tells us -18 degrees!

Fortunately, the first rays of the sun do not take long to warm the atmosphere a little up to +3 degrees because half a day of hiking awaits us.

2.3. Hike from Sunrise Point to Sunset Point

The Sunrise point is also the starting point of a hiking trail that descends at the foot of the fairy chimneys then which winds between them to go up to the Sunset point.

We go through Queen’s Garden, Navajo trail and Wall street. You will understand why such names. An unmissable experience, a must in any case if you come to visit Bryce Canyon.

A hike that starts and ends with breathtaking panoramas of the amphitheater in Bryce Canyon National Park. The hike mainly allows you to stroll in the middle of the largest concentration of hoodoos in the world which are called here Hoodies. These natural and friable rock formations make up an extraordinary landscape. It is certain that we are not used to hiking in this kind of completely unreal setting. Once again the impression ofto be on another planet.

We finish by going up a impressive switchback wall. Rest assured, there is no difficulty but know all the same that the last climb is 150 m in altitude.

Hike from easy level and accessible to all. Plan half a day if you are like us the type to take a lot of photos. Shoes, caps, water, sunscreen, first aid kit and snacks to be provided. Floor can be slippery in case of rain. The climb of the steps on the last part to reach Sunset point is the main difficulty of this hike to Bryce canyon.

2.4. Upper Inspiration Point

the belvedere located near the dedicated parking lot offers a 180 degree view of the Bryce Canyon hoodoos. The opportunity to complete its collection of postcards with another impressive point of view to photograph ^^

If you wish to be accompanied to discover this fabulous site and learn more about the region and its unique geology, we invite you to book this VIP excursion at Bryce Canyon, accompanied by an expert guide who will pick you up directly from your hotel.

3. Where to sleep in Bryce Canyon?

We can sleep in the village of Bryce or further as at tropical which is located 8 km from the Visitor Center or even Cannonville 12 km away or Panguitch 23km away. The further away you go, the more business you will be able to do. It all depends on your housing budget.

We are at the beginning of November. Rates are more affordable than in summer. We choose to sleep 2 nights in Bryce to Best Western PLUS Ruby’s Inn in a room at $80 per night excluding tax (i.e. $91 including tax or €80 including tax) with breakfast, parking, and wifi included. The hotel is located 5 km from the Visitors Center. A good deal found on Booking.

The bedroom has 2 queen size beds with view of a lake, a frozen lake because the temperatures are freezing. Down to -12 degrees at night! It changes us from the +18 degrees of Page, of Lake Powell, of Monument Valley or even of Moab.

Know that there is another Best Western usually a bit more expensive (we didn’t really understand why) located a few hundred meters away.

You can compare hotel rates at Bryce Canyon on Booking.

4. Where to eat in Bryce Canyon?

You can eat at the Best Western restaurant, at the Rubys Inn fast food restaurant located next door, or in one of the few small restaurants located on the other side of the road after the gas station. It all depends on your budget. You will not be able to get lost in any case because everything is gathered within a radius of 500 m.

  • Good to know: For your hikes, you can buy everything you need at the general store adjoining the Best Western.

In conclusion of this stage in Bryce canyon,

Many travelers put Bryce Canyon at the top of their favorite parks. We will be more moderate but there remains in our Top parks to visit on a road trip in the American West.

We then go through Zion Park ($35 for a car – included in the America The Beautiful pass) but we are in the middle of a 3-day holiday weekend and the park is exceptionally free. Impossible to park and therefore to go explore zion park. We continue on our way towards Las Vegas.

We will sleep in Hurricane which is located 37 km from Zion park, at the Super 8 Motel by Wyndham at $46 (i.e. €40) for a double room with breakfast, parking and wifi included. Good deal In the region.

Next step then, Las Vegas and Valley of Fire where we will spend 3 days. A new stage of our road trip in the American West.

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Next step : Visit Las Vegas and surroundings

Previous step : Visit Page in Arizona

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