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Favorites 2022: silk pants with lace

New year and I wipe the scales of winter from my shoulders. The turn of the year is always a kind of moult. You are trying to leave old things behind and start over with new energy and a renewed vision.

Favorites in January 2022

Silk pants with lace

In my opinion, a style change only makes sense if you didn’t have one before and can now experience it – for whatever reason. But it can also represent very mundane dreams and wishes. For me, it’s these pants.

The silk pants with lace from Stella McCartney is – by the way – possibly also summer pants 2022. It is symbolic of all that can happen: a tanned skin that appears through the transverse lace; a firm buttocks visible under the thin fabric; a warm summer breeze that makes wearing these pants still possible. And! An inner nonchalance that must be combined with not too much excitement (which is already given to the pants). So maybe with a soft t-shirt… and shaping underwear.
Stella McCartney silk fashion pilot pants with yellow lace
Silk pants with lace: Spring 2022 look by Stella McCartney

watch and learn

Good intentions, meaning what you finally want to do differently and better, include – certainly not just for me – using screen time more wisely. i have us for that Master class-Subscription granted, so an infinite number of online courses with the crème de la crème. With it, we can, for example, watch and listen to Samuel L. Jackson as he approaches and fulfills his roles. It’s like a guide to great acting.

I can learn something about writing in other disciplines here, for example from screenwriters. Steph Curry teaches basketball, Dr. Jane Goodall shares her experiences with chimpanzees in Africa, the empathy of Pharrell Williams, the fashion design of Marc Jacobs, the art of Jeff Koons. In every discipline there is the best teacher we could wish for.

Masterclass Mode Pilot
Tying Flowers with Maurice Harris

Like fresh from a hike

I use Lavera self-tanning cream once or twice a week instead of a face cream. It is super well tolerated, does not smell of self-tanning lotion and evokes a skin tone like after a spring day in the mountains or at the lake.

Lavera Bronzing Cream Fashion Pilot
Lavera Self Tanning Face Cream

The tanning ingredients in this cream are derived from wheat and sugar. And the rest of the ingredients are of natural origin, as is typical for Lavera. The composition consists of saccharides, organic sunflower oil and organic macadamia nut oil. It is a light formula, more like a lotion, which is very hydrating. This cream is my advice for the months to come! It is not suitable as sun protection, but as a sun substitute.

Photo credit: Stella McCartney, Lavera, Masterclass



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