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Do you know this from the news in New York #1

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Hello my community! First of all, I wish you a happy new year 2022. To start this one, I suggest you take up the News in New York section on my blog We Love New York. Each week, you will find on the blog, 5 points that caught my attention in the local New York press.

Indeed, within the We Love New York team, we follow it carefully to be on the lookout for events in the city. We go into detail in the We Love New York member club.

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Evolution of the zone for the United States: the United States has been classified in the red zone by France. This does not change anything for vaccinated people. Remember to equip yourself with your take me to new york book to optimize your travels in the city.

The 5 points I noted for week #1:

#1 OMICRON: the spread of the variant is extremely strong, the virus is spreading at an exponential rate, higher than the first deadly and violent wave between March-April 2020, however hospitalizations and deaths are significantly lower thanks to vaccines and Covid-19 treatments. 19. – source NYC Health

#2 MTA struggles like many businesses against the lack of personnel to operate its metro lines. The absenteeism rate has increased with the cases of Covid-19. – source abc7ny

#3 New York City Mayor Eric Adams officially began his term on January 1. He is the 110th mayor of NYC. He already distinguishes himself by being an active mayor on the ground. – source New York Times

#4 With the rise in Covid-19 cases, many places open to the general public in New York are temporarily closing their doors due to lack of staff.

#5 Brooklyn Public Library unites more than 700,000 active cardholders at 60 locations. It is in first position for the number of books borrowed during the year 2021. – source GLP

See you soon, xx – Viviane

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