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7 skating rinks in New York in winter that I love and recommend

ice skating rink new york city

In New York, during the holiday season, it’s time to put on your ice skates for a little outdoor session in the middle of New York buildings. It’s here ice-skating season in New York! No need to have a professional level, giggles will be guaranteed and the impression of being in a movie will also be there.

Even if the Christmas trees and decorations disappear in the New Year, the skating rinks still remain open for a few months. Below, my selection of skating rinks in New York in winter not to be missed.

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skating rink-bryant-park-new-york-city 7 skating rinks in New York in winter that I love and recommend

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The Rink Rockefeller Center

Skating-rinks-NYC-Christmas-in-New-York-2016-7 7 skating rinks in New York in winter that I love and recommend

Beginning of October to end of April

the Rockefeller Center is a wonderful place to soak up the New York Christmas spirit. The rink is very small. But its location is perfect between the buildings and of course under the Rockefeller Center tree, the most majestic in New York.

Skating there still represents a budget with a standard adult ticket at $20 (you have to count on a more expensive price depending on the peak periods at the end of the year celebrations). Skate rental is $10.

Don’t forget to live in New York at least once that legendary Rockettes show ! I love it, and I also hear nothing but good things from my New York friends, but also from readers accustomed to visiting New York.

More information on the official page.

Central Park skating rinks

Skating-rinks-NYC-Christmas-in-New-York-2016-3 7 skating rinks in New York in winter that I love and recommend

Central Park is blessed with three skating rinks in New York City in the winter.

The best known and legendary is the one south of the park, near the 6th Avenue & 59th entrance: Wollmann Rink. A legend since 1949. Again, the view is most impressive day and night. It opens every day with prices: $12 (adult), $6 (child), $9 skate rental.

The ice rink further north in Central Park on 110th Street / Central Park West is called Laser-Rink but is currently under construction until 2024.

Even less known Conservatory Water offers free access in the East Side between 72nd & 75th street.

More information on the official page.

The Rink Brookfield Place

End of November to March

This is Manhattan’s somewhat hidden skating rink. Although it’s not the biggest, I love its location near the Hudson River.

The advantage is also to be able to take advantage of the Brookfield Place shopping center. And if you feel like it, you can even take advantage of being in the neighborhood to climb to the top of the World Trade Center which I am talking about here.

The ice rink is open every day. The 90-minute session costs $15 per person, plus $5 skate rental. If you want to eat, do not miss the Food Hall of Brookfield Place on the 2nd floor with a view of the Hudson River and the marina.

Do ice skating at Bryant Park: Winter Village Bank of America

skating rink-in-new-york-bryant-park_ 7 skating rinks in New York in winter that I love and recommend

End of October to beginning of March

It’s the largest winter skating rink in New York with free admission. But you still pay fifteen dollars for the skates.

Skating at the foot of the blue fir tree is magical with the magnificent library building in the background. You can also take advantage of the Christmas market all around the ice rink and the extra restaurants to eat.

A place not to be missed. The ice rink is open every day.

Denny FarrellRiverbank State Park

Beginning of November to mid-March from Friday to Sunday (and Thursday during the holiday season)

This park offers great views of the Hudson River and Washington Bridge. Every winter, an indoor skating rink. It’s not the prettiest but if you’re around for 5 bucks you can give it a try. The skates are rented 6 dollars.

Vale Rink

At the William Vale hotel where I had the opportunity to sleep during a trip to New York for New Years, the ice rink offers sublime views! However, it is currently closed for the winter 2021 season.

Industry City

Open all winter season

IC Ice Rink is making a comeback with its bucolic winter decor. It’s in Industry City, one of my favorite spots in New York.

Allow 12 dollars per person for access to the ice rink, and 10 dollars for the skates to rent.

Where is your favorite place to ice skate in New York?

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